Paying our debt after our honeymoon

She was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was sure, I could climb high and tall just to keep the smile on her face. She has endured a lot with me, so I thought to make her happy without knowing I was getting a bigger credit card debt. I got into the debt because she was my all in all. I wanted to make her feel like my woman, not every day she gets to be happy with me, we do not have many good memories. So I came to a conclusion secretly to take her on an exotic honeymoon.

I started mapping places, picking hotels and special places, we could visit during our honeymoon. I was eager about my conclusion, it felt right but I never considered how much credit card debt will hit me after our return from our honeymoon.

Although we had amazing moments and memories. It was a big dream come true. I felt like a man because I really made her happy and amazed. However, the next couple of years was bad, and life begins to seem difficult to live in especially for me. We owed a lot since I used my credit card to make most of the payments during our honeymoon, now am a debtor to the credit card company. A debtor with no real plan, on how to pay off his debt.

We just came back with beautiful and fun memories, now wasn’t the time to deal with credit card debt. So I started seeking for help on how to pay off my debts. There I learned from a friend about credit card relief companies which help using different packages on how to be credit card debt free. I picked one which I found fitting and ever since then I only have memories of my honeymoon.…